As usual

Hi all, here's the bad, bad girl who's talking... you know, school has just started, and I'm already so sick of this... you have to forgive me. I'd like to do several things at once, but I have all my homework to do, and so many things, so many things...


I started to convert all the fanlistings of mine to Enthusiast 3. I'm not so enthusiast, well, but I think I'll be happier later. Hopefully. Then I was approved for the Iorek Byrnison fanlisting, and I'm so happy about it, you just cannot imagine how much.I _love_ Iorek - he's a wonderful character. If you don't know Iorek Byrnison I suggest you to read all the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. It isn't the classical fantasy trilogy, believe me. HDM is marvelous.

Then. As usual, I'm not going to say anything in particular, because, as usual, I've got nothing to say, because my life is blank blank blank blink blink blink - hey, that's a good rythm...

Anyway, I'm afraid of my biology teacher, I cannot stand my italian teacher's voice (she talks so loud that at the end of the day I always have a terrible headache), and my mother is my philosophy teacher. Gosh, I love to go to school.

What else... uhm... oh, yes. I watched the OC tonight, just like everyone else. I still can't believe that I became sort of a tv-series-girl. Bwah. That's horrible, I've never seen tv-series before, except for Charmed... of Buffy, well, everything that has to to with magic. Why not another good tv-series about wizards and witches just like Harry Potter? Wouldn't it be good?
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This is... an Art Attack!

Ok. Weeks are nothing. Really. And I just forgot to update my LJ, again. Well, you know, I'm not really happy when I have to write in English something - I'm not because I know that it's a terrible English the one that I write. Ok. Ok. Ok.

I'm in a hurry, Margherita's coming, my mother has just gone to take her from Poggio and she's bringing her here. We have to study biology - that's the bad thing. Then probably we're going to the cinema. I want to see Mean Girls! And probably we will see that movie, also because I'm sure that Margherita doesn't want to see "Le chiavi di casa", ghghg. Really, I know that you're not going to understand my laughter. It's alright.

Then. I have nothing to say, really. Probably I should transform this LJ into an ART ATTACK!

This is an Art Attack. This is an Art Attack! THIS IS AN ART ATTACK!

Wow. I'm crazy. What a wonderful thing to happen, when I just want to write an entry in my LJ. Shame on me. Shame on me, Art Attack. SHAME ON ME!

This is an Art Attack.
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Just a brief note...

Just a brief note before I go to bed. Well, I was going to forget to write here something before the week was over. Sorry!
Yesterday I finished to read Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones. I like very much Diana Wynne Jones' writings, and I have to read them in English because they're not translated into Italian, except for the Chrestomanci Series and Howl's Moving Castle, that was published by a manga/anime publisher just because Hayao Miyazaki made the movie (and tomorrow there will be the premiere in Venice, yahee!), but the translation is terrible. More terrible than my English, and I'm sure that this explains a lot of things.

What to say? I read some R/Hr one-shot fanfictions tonight on but they're all such a fluffy thing that they're quite disgusting. Sigh. I should read something on Fictionalley I suppose. But.
Since I finished Fire & Hemlock I got inspired, and I would like to write a fanfiction. Well, I would like to write a lot of fanfics, but I'm not able to and then there's so little time before the school start again.

Argh. Nothing to say. Good night!
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All right!

Well, I didn't post for some time. Anyway, it's allright, my computer is fine and I'm fine too, perhaps my right hand isn't, but... who cares?
I started to read "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling and I can't believe it's known as a children book, since it's so complicated. Well, perhaps it's only me, but I used to read a lot these days, so why do I find "Kim" so difficult? I'm not very good at the Indian Culture, that's it.
Then, I'm also reading "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov. I started it today, and I love it! It's such a strange book, really, I love this kind of surrealism.

Then. I don't know if I should apply for some fanlistings. I'm very tempted but I'm also very busy: on the 1st of September I'm going to start to study Biology again, so I'll have less spare time to spend on web designs and such. Bwah! Bwah! Bwaaaah!

Ok, let's stop. Since I studied a little Latin two days ago, now I think I'm OK with the subject, and when the school starts I'll have trouble, because my Latin teacher changed. I don't know if the new one is good, but everyone knows that she shouts a lot. Argh. Since I'm going to attend the third year of Liceum (3/5) I changed almost all my teachers. Obviously the Science teacher is always the same. Unluckily. Argh2.

Dunno. I should start to write something, too, but I'm very lazy, so I have a lot of ideas but no chance to write them down as stories. But I make notes on my notebook, so I can remember them. I always think that they're very smart, but I always find that they're are very difficult to write too...
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Today I'm worried about my computer's health - again! This is because Norton found 4 viruses or something like that, and I hate this kind of events - I'm not even able to delete these stupid files, and I'm starting thinking to backup all my dear old (but very new indeed) archives. Poor me.

My father just doesn't want to help me, he says that it's MSN Messenger's fault if there are viruses on my computer, and since he's fond of blogs he's also very irritating, saying that I could do without Messenger, only writing my blog and all. He doesn't undestand anything! And he's not helping, coming to my room and mumbling things and accusing me and so on. He's so irritating! Oh! Now, what should I do?

Yesterday I finished to read The Two Towers, and today I started The Return Of The King. Anyway, I can't wait - I have to finish this LOTR as soon as possible. Then I don't know what book I will start, I have got plenty of titles in my list, I hope to choose something good. The day after tomorrow my village's public library is going to open again, so I'm going to pay a visit to my librarian, to give him back The Idiot and The Dubliners and to pick some other books.

Uhm, what else? Nothing very interesting, I installed CuteNews finally, thanks to Neko_chan, and then I started to read also the first Slayers novel that I found surfing the net. Yahee. I can't wait for the American edition of the novels, I'm going to buy them on Amazon... if I'm waiting for the Italian edition, well, then... there's an Age to go through!

And that's all. For now.
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Something to talk about

Yesterday Ketty and I went by the sea to see our dear friend Elena and to celebrate her birthday. It was OK, even if I usually don't like to go to the sea. We finally met famous Antonio! Anyway I don't want to talk about it, it seems to me quite useless. Oh, and then, near the bar of the beach two young girls started to maligning on me, telling me something very rude and very stupid at the same time. Well, I think they were only two stupid 11-years-old girls and I didn't even care about their words, even if they were so annoying, but Ketty became upset and started to ask them if they were someone or something and then insulted them somehow. She hasn't been vulgar, but her words were quite offensive according to me. The two girls went crazy! They started to ask everyone who she (Ketty) was and similar things, because she insulted them etc. etc. I said Ketty that she has to shut her mouth when she meets this kind of people, because they mean nothing to anyone, but I think also that she's very amusing when she starts yelling at people. Ehm. Anyway I admire her, I usually don't reply at any comment, even if someone is insulting me. Sometimes I just don't care, but sometimes I do and I start feeling sad and all, because I think I'm just too sensitive and too worried about other people's words.

Anyway, if someone wants send me flames he's free to do what his mind tells him. Today I received an e-mail from a very angry webmistress of a HP site, and she was accusing me of being impolite and all because I removed the link to her site from my links page when she kept showing mine. Now, I have to say that I'm rebuilding my HP site so it's quite normal to me that the links page is still under construction, and especially now that I have to start again to do all the things I lost thanks to the virus that infected my computer I have no time to think only about that site. Please, be patient! It seems like everyone's yelling at me lately...
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The latest news

I think that the recent revelations from JKRowling (I used to call her Aunt JK) have no price, no price at all, but... well, I would like more to handle the sixth book right now and to have the chance to read it. Quite obvious, don't you think? Then, the new clue behind the Do Not Disturb door left me a little... disappointed. I don't know, I'm waiting for the Half Blood Prince with such an impatience... and that stupid description is not helping me at all, no way!

I had a terrible nightmare last night. I dreamt that I couldn't sleep, I was lying in my bed and I just wasn't able to, it was really, really... nightmare-ish. Uhm. Then there was also a foam rubber skull and a woman with a deep voice that was reciting a poem by Jacques Prévert (that I personally love very much, but with that voice and in that moment... it was very scary). And I remember this nightmare so well, I wrote it down here and then on my Italian blog, and I'm going to use all these elements to write something, someday. When it will stop scaring me, probably.

Then today was St. Bartholomew and there were again a lot of shooting fireworks. Please. Stop.
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First entry

Hello there, this is my first entry and my first time on LJ ever. I'm speaking English (that is a good one, ah! ah!), and as you can see it's not my mothertongue. That's precisely why I'm here - I'm here to improve my English. What a noble purpose, don't you think?

I'm willing to update this journal at least once a week, otherwise it's not going to help neither me nor my English.

Today everyone was celebrating Ferragosto, which is an Italian festivity - I don't know if it's celebrated elsewhere, but I have to say that I hate shots and every kind of noisy fireworks. Absolutely - they annoys me so much! I was sleeping this afternoon, it's so hot out there, and then with all these "bang" and "boom", I woke up quite upset and I started saying something very bad to people that enjoy them so much - I wonder if they like these shooting fireworks more when they scare little children or when they disturb people that are busy doing something else, something that is often more important than any shot. No, I'm not talking about me being asleep, but... and they don't even make light! Also in Sliema (Malta) people were fond of fireworks. I think I can't stand them anymore! And since in my village it seems that everyone wants to have festivals and wants the fireworks to be in it, I think I have to run away from here... someday.
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